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Project Management

Project Management

A project has many definitions and one of them is – “A Project is a temporary, unique and progressive attempt or endeavor made to produce some kind of a tangible or intangible result (a unique product, service, benefit, competitive advantage, etc.). It usually includes a series of interrelated tasks that are planned for execution over a fixed period of time and within certain requirements and limitations such as cost, quality, performance, others.” In case of constructiaon, the result is very much tangible and the collective efforts are both physical and mental. It is more or less like a jigsaw puzzle with every piece serving its purpose and duty into making the whole Picture look complete, logical and beautiful.

We at Haperty, manage a talent pool of experienced project managers, planning engineers, supervision experts to contribute to your projects and provide their valuable inputs in making the project a success. Long term or Short term or individual construction package wise, our team and resources will be at your disposal to assist you at any stage of a project. We have the latest weapons in term of technical support in our arsenal and would be more than delighted to provide you with the expertise. 


Following are the services that we provide:

  1.  Programme Management
  2. Project Planning and Monitoring.
  3. Project Coordination
  4. Procurement Strategies
  5. Vendor Negotiations
  6. Contracts Administration

Our tools:

  1. Primavera P6
  2. Microsoft Project
  3. MS Office
  4. Asta Power Project
  5. computer