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Cost Management

Cost Management

A project can only be quantified in the actual sense if there is a cost factor related to it. Cost Management works hand in hand with the actual project management activities and is the driving factor in many cases. Right from the feasibility stage of benchmarking a project to the final closure stages, an effective cost management strategy works wonders in completing the project in the desired budget and time. We at Haperty, plan to be your aides, associates and partners in the entire lifecycle to assist you and ease your work, contributing to the overall effective completion of a project.


 Following are the services that we provide:

  1.  Programme Management
  2. Project Planning and Monitoring.
  3. Project Coordination
  4. Procurement Strategies
  5. Vendor Negotiations
  6. Contracts Administration


Our tools:

  1. Advanced MS Excel
  2. CostX
  3. Candy
  4. Blue Beam Revu